Criminal DefenseOne of my main areas of practice focuses on providing creative, zealous advocacy inside and outside the courtroom assisting individuals facing criminal charges ranging from shoplifting to murder. I also defend individuals charged with traffic related offenses, including drunk driving.

My experience includes the privilege of fulfilling the Sixth Amendment guarantee that all criminal defendants receive effective legal representation. In addition to conducting approximately 250 criminal and traffic trials, I have represented more than 1,000 other individuals who entered a guilty plea to substantially reduced charges or whose charges were dismissed completely, often because the prosecutor was not nearly as prepared as I or because I presented a legal defense before trial or created a hurdle through a thorough investigation that caused the prosecutor to realize it was impossible to prevail.

My experience with criminal defense includes:

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Other Crimes

Criminal law encompasses a wide-range of additional offenses involving crimes against individuals, such as robbery, burglary, rape, and kidnapping. Crimes against property include arson, burglary, destruction of property, trespassing, and the various forms of theft. Additional common offenses include prostitution and disorderly conduct. I am experienced in handling all such cases.