Ian Williams

Ian Williams

Standing Up For You

In recent years, there has been much talk about the dangers and consequences of bullying in our society. Truth be told, bullying is not an occurrence exclusive to schoolyards and social media: it is a risk present in all walks of modern life. The American legal system is the best defense ever created to fight against bullying because it allows all people to use the bounty of protections, rights, and privileges under the law to fight back effectively and appropriately.

At the forefront of the American legal system stands the right to a lawyer. To access all of your rights and protections under the law, you need to hire the right one. One who is committed to your interests and will provide skillful, creative, and zealous advocacy. The right lawyer is your best defense against those who would take advantage of you, or threaten the well being of yourself and your loved ones.

As a child, I became fascinated with the law while watching the Watergate hearings. Although I was too young to understand the details of Watergate, I realized at a fundamental level that I was watching the American legal system fulfill its promise to keep powerful individuals and institutions honest. It was that promise that inspired me to become a lawyer when I grew up.

To this day, the United States Constitution and the ideals of the American legal system remain my inspiration and I founded the Law Office of Ian A. Williams in 1992 to advance the promise that all individuals receive fair treatment under the law.

No two cases are exactly alike and I have designed my practice to be able to pursue each client’s individual needs and objectives.   While no lawyer can ever guarantee a favorable outcome, I promise all clients zealous, aggressive, and creative advocacy to push back against the bully and maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome, both at the negotiation table and in the courtroom, where I have tried more than 250 cases in the last twenty years.

Bullies come in many forms: Federal, state and local government; large and small institutions; even neighbors and other everyday people in your life. In any scenario, I take great pride in my enduring reputation for creatively and vigorously standing up for my clients against anyone or anything that threatens their liberty, property, reputation, or other interests. As your lawyer, I look forward to standing up for you.